Pu Luong trekking 2 days

Just spent a wonderful 

Pu Luong trekking 2 days at Vietnam Decouverte up into the alpine–such a spirutual experience hanging out in such big, wild nature surroundings away from it all at Mistaya helicopter-hiking Lodge. Wildflowers, birds, glaciers, lakes and the mighty Rocky Mountains Destination British Columbia Mistaya Lodge and Alpine Tours Tourism Golden

Dear drunk idiot at the bar, last night at the end of the Temple-Belton game, the manager announced that Temple had won

Dear drunk idiot at the bar, last night at the end of the Temple-Belton game, the manager announced that Temple had won. And then he playfully called out a bartender wearing a Belton shirt which of course was in good fun. But you ruined the fun by yelling, "Oh yeah, well at least our kids can pass the STAAR test!" Now let me say Belton ISD is an excellent school district with hard-working teachers who get results. And kudos to them for that. But, first of all, your facts are off because while Temple has its share of students who struggle, Temple ISD has equally hard-working teachers who get great results. Temple earned a total of 22 distinctions based on STAAR scores for 2017. Comparing Belton’s raw scores to Temple’s is an unfair comparison because many Temple students’ academic elevators are at a lower floor when they walk into school for the first time. But I know Temple does a great job of moving those elevators up a few floors every year. So kudos to both districts for doing a wonderful job for their students, and for playing a good, friendly game last night.
And in closing, drunk idiot, stop trying to kiss every girl at the bar. You look like a moron.
Sincerely, the guy sitting next to you who happens to be a proud former TISD teacher

Add a cheerful splash of color to your classroom with the Teacher’s School Pop Classroom Set. This set features a vibrant header, assorted character accents, and colorful speech bubble pieces to create a charming display that makes learning fun. Create a learning environment that boosts your student’s spirits by adding stylish bulletin board sets to your classroom. These eye-catching sets are versatile by design, allowing the pieces to be used individually or together to assemble your ideal display. With bold colors and contemporary patterns, bulletin board sets offer more than just decorations, they help motivate your students by creating a fun, focused environment.
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We’re in VOGUE! Well, my city is at least

We’re in VOGUE! Well, my city is at least. Come visit us!
"Indy’s chefs have embraced the heartland bounty with their serious farm-to-table movement. The wildly creative, daytime-only Milktooth is ideal for Indiana heirloom tomatoes and cottage cheese alongside sour cream biscuits with yellow plum butter and local buckwheat honey. Diners pause for a sandwich at Wildwood Market (they rotate one delicious option each day) along with grab-and-go pantry provisions and fresh blooms. Author Kurt Vonnegut grew up in town, so stop for a visit at the aptly named Bluebeard, which serves can’t-miss baked-on-site bread, a warm kale salad, and salmon with red radish, shishito, peas, and cabbage in a brown butter sauce. If you’re looking to dine alfresco, grab a seasonal veggie dish like squash noodles “pad Thai” at Tinker Street. Check in for late-night live music at Thunderbird where inked bartenders serve a whiskey sour–style drink housed in a classic honey bear plastic bottle (1800 flowers included)."

Men tím tiếp tục về thêm !!!!!!, Hôm nay về cả 2 loại 30v và 90v nhé chị em!!, 30v : giá #470k, 90v : giá #1070k,…

Men tím tiếp tục về thêm !!!!!!
Hôm nay về cả 2 loại 30v và 90v nhé chị em!!
30v : giá #470k
90v : giá #1070k
Chắc chắn các mẹ ai cũng đã từng mắc bệnh phụ khoa 1 vài lần mặc dùluôn giữ vệ sinh sạch sẽ.
Nhiều người vẫn âm thầm chịu đựng vì ngại ngùng hoặc tốn kém nhiều tiền thuốc mà không khỏi….
Các mẹ hãy thử qua sản phẩm men vi sinh Optibac vô cùng nổi tiếng của Anh nhé
mua men vi sinh Optibac bao gồm 2.3 tỷ vi khuẩn có thể sống sót đến tận vùng kín, giúp chữa nấm Âm Đạo và Viêm đường tiết niệu (rất nhiều Phản hồi của khách hàng bên Anh đã phản ánh về hiệu quả của men này về việc làm dịu cơn đau do viêm đường tiết niệu)
An toàn cho mọi lứa tuổi kể từ trên 4 tuổi, an toàn cho phụ nữ có thai, cho con bú, đã mãn kinh
Liều dùng và cách dùng: uống 1-2 viên mỗi ngày, nếu uống thường xuyên thì ngày 1 viên là đủ
Uống sau ăn, tốt nhất là sau bữa sáng, tốt nhất nên uống đều đặn hàng ngày
Có thể được uống Men vi sinh cho chị em phụ nữ cùng men Optibac khác song song
✨ hàng có sẵn ✨
Có ship COD toàn quốc

In a speech to oil/gas execs, Colorado Republican Senator Cory Gardner slammed local Colorado towns for passing drilling regulations after two deadly…

In a speech to oil/gas execs, Colorado Republican Senator Cory Gardner slammed local Colorado towns for passing drilling regulations after two deadly oil/gas explosions. He called towns “special interests” for seeking to restrict oil/gas drilling in residential neighborhoods. Gardner has raked in more than $1.1 million from oil/gas donors. Click here to read International Business Times’ new report.

Il n’aura échappé à personne que le nouveau roman d’Alan Moore, “Jérusalem” (ed

Il n’aura échappé à personne que le nouveau roman d’Alan Moore, “Jérusalem” (ed. Inculte) sort en librairie aujourd’hui. Pour ceux qui voudraient en savoir un peu plus sur cet auteur hors norme, rappelons que nous avons publié en 2013 l’adaptation en bande dessinée par Eddie Campbell du récit poético-autobiographique de Moore, “La Coiffe de naissance”.

Page 17 excerpt from unreleased MOR

Page 17 excerpt from unreleased MOR.FIT – MAGNIFICIENT OMNIPOTENT REALITY Found In Time
Sub-title: Effective Ways to Transform Mundane Life to Blissful Living
Author: Charles Johnson Research Editor: Sue Ziang
Chapter One Awakening To Your Soul
Before we dive into the heart of the subject, ego- self and higher-self beg to be introduced here, for a clearer grasp of the materials being presented here.
Our ego self is here to take care of our physical security and identity in this world.
Our higher self is the part of us that is divine and non-material. It is the spark of universal intelligence and is the driving force behind the purpose of our physical existence we call human life.
Due to this nature, our life is a constant display, internal dialogue or counter-play of the two playing out in our daily lives. The truth is, who do you want to run your life and your destiny here?
1. What Is a Soul? This is a question asked by many and debated over centuries. In the old cultures, there never seems to be any doubt about what a soul is. You probably hear people say “poor soul”. You might have heard things like “he does not have a soul”. Or “she is such a beautiful soul”. What exactly do people mean when they make comments like that? Oxford Dictionaries defines soul as “the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal”. The first definition by Dictionary.com is “the principle of life, feeling, thought, and action in humans, regarded as a distinct entity separate from the body, and commonly held to be separable in existence from the body; the spiritual part of humans as distinct from the physical part”. Merriam-Webster describes soul as “the spiritual part of a person that is believed to give life to the body and in many religions is believed to live forever; a person’s deeply felt moral and emotional nature; the ability of a person to feel kindness and sympathy for others, to appreciate beauty and art, etc.”
By the looks of it, our soul is the silent seer, witnessing your every act or non-act when you are aware of its existence, when you listen and allow.

Just getting a general consensus here

Just getting a general consensus here. No judgments whatsoever…
1. Do you believe in aliens?
2. Do you believe weather can be engineered through technology?
3. Do you believe in reincarnation?
*amendment to #2… would this include larger scale natural disasters?
Feel free to respond in Yes or No answers and feel free to elaborate. If you have a conflicting opinion with someone pls try to be respectful of a contrasting view. Thx

Ooh this could actually be good

Ooh this could actually be good.
Suicide Squad was junk.
Having Martin Scorsese on board could bring a complex psychological Joker origin story to another level.
The darker grittier psychological drama filmed by Chris Nolan (closer to Frank Miller’s vision) created the best Gotham movies ever. I support that direction over the silly tacky direction of Suicide Squad.